7th Generation Recycling - A Textile Recycling Company, San Jose, California - Recycled Clothes & Shoes
7-G Recycling is an organization dedicated to protecting the environment and supporting our local communities. We partner with local non-profits, religious organizations, schools, community groups and others to accomplish the following goals:

Recycling of Clothing, Shoes & Household Textiles
Helping our Local Communities fund Local Programs
Ensuring that the Recycled Clothing benefits people in Our Communities as well as people in Third World Countries

Join our Recycled Clothes & Shoes “Recycling Drives?and help us save the Planet
one article of clothing at a time.
Our Company works with the Community through Charitable Organizations, Religious Organizations, Schools, Community Colleges, and others to help
support Clothes and Shoes recycling efforts.
Some of the Clothing & Shoes is distributed to benefit someone in your Community.

The remainder is shipped to other parts of the World to those in need.
By Recycling - We reduce the waste in our Landfills, We reduce wasted resources for producing new clothes, We reduce Emissions of Greenhouse Gasses.
We reward your Organizations for the Clothing, Shoes and Household Textiles you collect.

Your Organization can earn Money to help fund your Favorite Programs or Donate to your Favorite Cause.
Email us at info @7gRecycling.com
Or call us Toll Free at: 1-866-606-5192

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We can assist in setting up a complete program for your
Organization's Clothes Drive complete with :

  • Marketing Materials
  • Posters & Informational Flyers
  • Volunteer Rewards Programs
  • Scheduled Pick Ups & Collection Bins
Any used clothing item and household textile such as pants, dresses, hats, shirts, drapes, curtains, blankets, towels, sheets, handbags, belts, and paired shoes. Stuffed Animals also acceptable.
Material that is wet or mildewed from any liquid is not acceptable. Rubber, plastic toys, carpets, floor mats
are not acceptable.
We set up your Collection Bin. We Pick up the
recycled items on a regular schedule.


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