Q: What kind of company is 7th Generation Recycling?
A: 7th Generation Recycling is an organization dedicated to protecting the environment and supporting our local communities. We partner with non-profits, religious organizations, schools, community groups and others to accomplish the following goals:

Recycling of Clothing, Shoes & Household Textiles
Helping our Local Communities fund Local Programs
Ensuring that the Recycled Clothing benefits people in Our Communities as well as people in Third World Countries

Q: Why recycle clothing and textiles?
A: The main reason is to save Mother Earth. Did you know that clothing and textiles take up more space than any other waste in our landfills?
Another great reason is to reuse as much of the recycled clothing and textiles as possible. There are people in other parts of the world that just simply can’t afford to purchase them new.

Q: Will recycling with 7th Generation conflict with other charities collecting clothes?
A: No! Other charitable organizations such as Good Will Industries and Hope Industries are fabulous companies, but they just can’t intercept all the unwanted clothing and textiles before ending up in landfills. The EPA estimates about 80% of unwanted textiles are dumped in our landfills. So despite their best efforts, charities and thrift stores need help with clothing and textile recycling.

7th Generation wants to recycle and reuse as much unwanted clothing textiles as possible, getting it into the hands of the people who need and want it, and keeping it out of landfills. These other organizations are not our competitors, in fact, we buy some of the clothing and textiles they don’t want, or can’t sell. 7th Generation believes we all have the same goal in mind. Mother Earth needs all of us working together to make a difference.

Q: Why should anyone host a collection bin?
A: Hosting a collection bin shows that you care about your community and the environment. The road to recycling has gone well beyond cans, bottles and newspapers. There are so many wonderful companies out there doing fantastic and amazing work with renewable energy, and other recycling efforts. Recycling textiles is a small part of that effort, but we believe it is just as important. Many people are on the road of recycling, and if you give them a place to recycle, they will use it.

Q: What happens to the unwanted textiles after they are picked up from collection bins?
A: The textiles are shipped to our warehouse where they are graded (grade A,B,C,D from best to worst) and sorted ( different sizes, and genders) then baled and shipped via ocean container to countries that desperately need second hand clothes.

Q: How big are the Collection Bins?
A: The Bins are 81 inches high x 36 inches wide x 46 inches deep.

Q: What color are the Bins?
A: The color is a soft, attractive olive green; it blends well with most environments and buildings.

Q: Do the Bins need to be on concrete?
A: No. The Bins can be placed on any surface from dirt and grass to concrete or asphalt.

Q: How often do you service the collection Bins?
A: We have route drivers picking up the recycles on an as needed basis, but typically once a week.

Q: Are you a non-profit?
A: 7th Generation Recycling is a for profit company. Our goal is to improve the environment, raise awareness about the need for textile recycling and to help raise funds for local charities, non-profits, religious organizations, school programs and local small businesses.

Q: What is the meaning of the name 7th Generation Recycling?
A: We have inherited the responsibility to take care of Mother Earth and consider our impact on the environment for the next 7 generations


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