Why We Call Ourselves 7th Generation Recycling?

Our name comes from the philosophy that we are all responsible to take care of the planet for our future generations. This value originates from the values of indigenous people-In fact you can trace the birth of the green movement to those values.

"In every deliberation we must consider the impact on the seventh generation...
Even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine"- Great Law of the Iroquois

Who We Are & What Is Our Mission

7th Generation Recycling is an organization dedicated to protecting the environment and supporting our local communities. We partner with local non-profits, religious organizations, schools, community groups and others to accomplish the following goals:

  • Recycling of Clothing, Shoes & Household Textiles.
  • Helping our Local Communities fund Local Programs.
  • Ensuring that the Recycled Clothing benefits people in Our Communities as well as people in Third World Countries

Our mission is to run a socially responsible "Green" business in a professional and profitable manner, while working with our local charities and non-profits to support funding of local programs. We sponsor and help promote charitable recycling drives to benefit non-profits and local community programs while working with local businesses to increase awareness of the recycling availability in their neighborhoods.

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